At Havannah Primary School, we are very proud of the attainment and progress children make throughout their time at school. We ensure that pupils have access to a rich, creative and ambitious curriculum as well as making sure that we constantly strive to improve teaching and learning. We want to give all children the best possible start to their education and to ensure that they are fully prepared for high school. 

We track and monitor pupils' attainment and progress on an individual basis, based on their own starting points, to help us celebrate all children's achievements.  


We strive for as many pupils as possible to meet age-related expectations for their year group. Some children will go beyond this and work at a higher level which is called greater depth. These are the main data points where we track attainment:

  • At the end of Reception (% of pupils achieving a Good Level of Development - GLD)
  • At the end of Year 1 in the Phonics Screening Check
  • At the end of Key Stage 1 (Year 2)
  • At the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6) 


We track progress from each pupil's starting point. Our tracking system allows us to identify pupils who are making good progress and those who may need additional support to accelerate their progress. 

Key groups of pupils

Every pupil is important and we track their academic progress individually. We also focus on key groups of pupils:

  • disadvantaged pupils who receive additional government funding known as the Pupil Premium grant
  • pupils with special educational needs


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Havannah Primary School's performance tables page can be found by clicking here.

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