Havannah Heroes

 At Havannah, we firmly believe that intelligence is not fixed and that we can build our learning power by understanding NOT JUST WHAT TO LEARN but HOW TO LEARN.

Our 6 ‘Havannah Heroes’ below help our children understand that we really can help our learning grow. Wherever there is teaching and learning going on at Havannah, you will find our Heroes in action!

Our ‘Heroes’ philosophy underpins our approach to teaching and learning at Havannah through a growth mindset theory. The overall aim of ‘Havannah Heroes’ is to support children’s learning eg. being resilient, helping others, embracing challenges, effort, staying on task and be open to failure. In essence we are helping children learn how to learn. 

Children naturally have an affinity with animals and a love of superheroes; therefore the staff and pupils have created a set of characters unique to Havannah that will be associated with the important aspects of learning.

Meet our Havannah Heroes:

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Have a look at our parent information booklet (below) which was presented to parents during our launch week.

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