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Havannah Primary School prides itself on the outstanding emotional care and wellbeing we offer to all of our pupils and families. Our school 'motto' is Believe and Achieve! We feel that this underpins our core values as a school community (see Vision and Values).

We are proud of our caring ethos and high level of academic achievement through which all students are encouraged to fulfil their individual potential. Our guiding principle at Havannah is to work with parents and others in the community to provide the best for all children in their future.  We do this by "working together; shaping tomorrow". It is a culture that leads teaching at all levels.

Our school has recently been judged as a 'Good' school by Ofsted 2019. We are a 1 Form Entry school with an intake of 30 pupils.

We offer a wide ranging curriculum matched as much as possible to the needs of individuals.

The size of our school means we can create the individual, caring environment  whilst being large enough to offer a full programme of curriculum and extra-curriculum activities.

In order for a school to be successful, it must be happy, we have nurtured a strong sense of partnership between the school and the family, and this lies at the heart of the children’s happiness and success. Havannah Primary is a fun place to be, and there is always something happening to enhance an already exciting curriculum. It is not unusual to see the staff and children dressed up as historical characters, or perhaps World War 2 refugees. These events bring the curriculum to life and make learning fun for everyone. We hold regular workshops to share the exciting learning that goes on in school.

Success is something we readily celebrate, both academic and personal. We know this helps the children develop their self-confidence and self-esteem, which in turn encourages them to continue to do their very best. We hold a wide range of events throughout the year where we invite parents into the school to help us celebrate the achievements of all the children.

We hope this website is a useful introduction to the school. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us or, better still, come and see us at work during a school day. The teachers, children and I will be very pleased to welcome you. To arrange a visit please telephone or email the school and we will be happy to organise this for you.

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