The curriculum for PSHE has a particular focus each term. The lessons are broken down  into key themes, behaviours and knowledge to ensure progression throughout the school. Lessons are taught weekly in each year group and in whole school assemblies, rich texts are used to explore different themes throughout  the school.

KiVa  - Anti-Bullying Programme   

We teach pupils how to be a good friend, being responsible, understanding what a bully is and how to support the victim. The curriculum is mapped to ensure progression so that all pupils know and understand how to be ‘KiVa’ and what the KiVa rules are.

Go-givers  - exploring the fundamental challenges facing children and society today.

We teach pupils about being themselves in the wider world and about their responsibility to be a good citizen, this includes covering:

  • Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) learning including the teaching of fundamental British values
  • Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) including Relationships Education
  • Values and Character Education Child-led social action and active citizenship project

No Outsiders—Teaching the Equality Act in Primary Schools by:

Teaching and exploring different identities and exploring diversity as a whole.  The curriculum is mapped sensitively and is underpinned by rich texts that cover all aspects of differences in our world. We adopt the principle that no one is an outsider and that everyone is welcome at Havannah Primary School.

Christopher Winter Project— Relationships and Sex Education

The project builds on learning from previous years and revisits topics each year to cover them in greater depth. It includes lesson material on topics such as keeping clean, families, gender differences, personal space, puberty and relationships


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