At Havannah Primary School our intention within History, is to develop within our pupils a deep sense of chronology and an appreciation of the significance of individuals within the shaping of our History.

Our curriculum will nurture a deep sense of inquisitiveness and ingenuity within our pupils and enable children to make connections and transfer skills and knowledge to a variety of learning opportunities. Our uniquely creative curriculum will inspire our pupils, stimulate their curiosity about the past and encourage investigation and critical thought. Children will understand how the past informs the future and how the past has impacted our own lives and experiences. Children will ask and answer questions about the past and drive their learning through enquiry and investigation.


Through the cyclical nature of our History curriculum the children will, over time, build knowledge of specific periods of History and understand the links between the common themes and ideas.

We have created a unique set of questions within each unit that encourage children to build their substantive and chronological knowledge whilst also enabling them to examine historical periods is such a way as to also develop their disciplinary knowledge. Historical concepts are taught and linked to each other through examining, People, Power, Place in History and Purpose.


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These common themes are introduced in Key Stage one and feature in each unit across Key Stage 2. Through these themes Children will understand how the past has informed subsequent periods of History and consequently their own lives. 


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