At Havannah we have high expectations of behaviour and although cases of bullying are rare, we consider it a priority for the school to take a proactive stance against bullying. For this reason we have introduced the KiVa anti-bullying programme which has been developed using cutting-edge research on bullying and its mechanisms. It is an evidence-based programme to prevent bullying and to tackle the cases of bullying effectively. The former is crucial but also the latter is important, as no prevention efforts will make bullying disappear once and for all; we need to have tools that can be utilised when a case of bullying comes to light.

Another aspect of KiVa is constant monitoring of the situation in school and the changes taking place over time; this is enabled by the online tools included in KiVa. These tools produce annual feedback for each school about their implementation of the programme as well as the outcomes obtained.

KiVa is not meant to be a one-year project, but a permanent part of the school’s anti-bullying work. In a school where cases of bullying are rare it is even more important for us to have a well-established and systematic preventative approach.

KiVa includes both ‘universal’ and ‘indicated actions’. The universal actions, such as the KiVa curriculum (lessons and online games), are directed at all pupils and focus mainly on preventing bullying. The indicated actions are to be used when a bullying case has emerged. They are targeted specifically to the children who have been involved in bullying as perpetrators or victims, as well as to several classmates who are challenged to support the victim; the aim is to put an end to bullying.

If you are interested in finding out more about KiVa then please visit the parent pages on the KiVa website.

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