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We are proud to be a Maths Hub school and are part of the continuing programme to develop teaching for mastery in maths in primary schools. This project is fully funded by the DfE and provides professional development opportunities for our teaching staff.


Maths at Havannah Primary School teaches an understanding and appreciation of the world around us. It aims to stimulate a child to calculate fluently, reason and problem solve and is both a key skill within school, and a life skill to be utilised throughout every person’s day to day experiences.

At Havannah Primary School we aim to provide pupils with a rich and varied mathematics curriculum and high-quality teaching to produce individuals who are fluent in mental and written methods, confident reasoners, systematic thinkers and resilient problem solvers. Therefore growth mindset is developed throughout the learning process and enables pupils to grow in resilience and confidence.

The building blocks to mathematics begins with ample opportunities to develop children's’ understanding of number, measurement, pattern, shape and space through varied activities, including the use of the outside environment. This continuous provision allows them to enjoy, explore, practice and talk confidently about mathematics.

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At Havannah we are proud to be able to offer all our children the opportunity to embrace the Power Maths scheme. 

Power Maths is a whole-class mastery programme designed to spark curiosity and excitement and help you nurture confidence in maths. 
The only mastery programme perfectly aligned to the White Rose Maths progressions and schemes of learning, it’s written specifically for UK classrooms by leading mastery experts, and is recommended by the Department for Education.

Rich textbooks provide a coherent structure through the curriculum and support children on their journey towards deeper understanding. Practice Books give the pupils just the right amount of intelligent practice for children to complete independently.

What is Power Maths?Power Maths is a resource that has been designed for UK schools based on research and extensive experience of teaching and learning around the world and here in the UK. It has been designed to support and challenge all pupils, and is built on the belief that EVERYONE can learn maths successfully.
How does this support our approach to teaching?The philosophy behind Power Maths is that being successful in maths is not just about rote-learning procedures and methods, but is instead about problem solving, thinking and discussing. Many people feel they were taught maths in a way that was about memorising formulas and calculation methods, then having to apply them without any real understanding of what or how these methods actually work. Power Maths includes practice questions to help children develop fluent recall and develop their conceptual understanding. Power Maths uses growth mindset characters to prompt, encourage and question children. They spark curiosity, engage reasoning, secure understanding and deepen learning for all.
How will the lessons work?Each lesson has a progression, with a central flow that draws the main learning into focus. There are different elements, informed by research into best practice in maths teaching, that bring the lessons to life:

  • Discover – each lesson begins with a problem to solve, often a real-life example, sometimes a puzzle or a game. These are engaging and fun, and designed to get all children thinking.
  • Share – the class shares their ideas and compares different ways to solve the problem, explaining their reasoning with hands-on resources and drawings to make their ideas clear. Children are able to develop their understanding of the concept with input from the teacher.
  • Think together – the next part of the lesson is a journey through the concept, digging deeper and deeper so that each child builds on secure foundations while being challenged to apply their understanding in different ways and with increasing independence.
  • Practice – now children practice individually or in small groups, rehearsing and developing their skills to build fluency, understanding of the concept and confidence.
  • Reflect – finally, children are prompted to reflect on and record their learning from each session and show how they have grasped the concept explored in the lesson.

What if my child needs a confidence boost, or wants to be challenged further? Power Maths is based on a ‘small-steps’ approach, sometimes called a mastery approach. This means that the concepts are broken down so that your child can master one idea without feeling over-whelmed. There are a range of fluency, reasoning and problem solving questions in each lesson that are designed to support the different needs and confidence levels within a class, while at the same time fostering a spirit of working and learning together. Each lesson includes a challenge question for those children who can delve deeper into a concept.



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