Maths at Havannah teaches an understanding and appreciation of the world around us. It aims to stimulate a child to calculate fluently, reason and problem solve and is both a key skill within school, and a life skill to be utilised throughout every person’s day to day experiences.

At Havannah Primary School we aim to provide pupils with a rich and varied mathematics curriculum and high-quality teaching to produce individuals who are fluent in mental and written methods, confident reasoners, systematic thinkers and resilient problem solvers. Therefore growth mindset is developed throughout the learning process and enables pupils to grow in resilience and confidence.

The building blocks to mathematics begins with ample opportunities to develop children's’ understanding of number, measurement, pattern, shape and space through varied activities, including the use of the outside environment. This continuous provision allows them to enjoy, explore, practice and talk confidently about mathematics.

From Key Stage 1 onwards we follow the White Rose small steps guidance to ensure topics are being coherently and consistently covered throughout school. Firstly, pupils should be able to recall and apply mathematical knowledge both rapidly accurately. This fluency leads onto varied fluency where pupils should be able to apply this knowledge in different representations and making connections and relationships. When pupils are confident with this varied fluency, they apply these skills to tackle new everyday problems to secure understanding, to give pupils a richer and deeper learning experience. The way pupils speak and write about mathematics transforms their learning. Therefore we begin this reasoning process with guided sessions in Key Stage 1 to build their mathematical vocabulary and to ensure success. Once pupils are confident with this language, they move onto more independent reasoning, explaining in full sentences and continuing to build mathematical language and reasoning skills.

At Havannah Primary School we use MyMaths to aid lessons and to set children homework that supports their learning. The children also love Times Tables Rock Stars, especially the weekly battles set. Links to both are below. Log in details will be in your child's planner, if there are any issues withthis please speak to your 

Times Tables Rock Stars (

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Attached below are the learning objectives which are covered in each year group. 

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