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At Havannah Primary School our intention within the Design and Technology (DT) curriculum, is to develop within our pupils a deep sense of enjoyment, appreciation and love of design and technology.  Our intention is for all pupils to acquire knowledge and skills that will enable them to problem solve, become resourceful, innovative and enterprising. We intent to make strong links to other subject areas, including history, art and mathematics to enhance pupils learning. 


Our curriculum will provide learning opportunities to explicitly teach subject specific, fundamental skills and knowledge. Pupils will develop creative, technical and practical expertise that they can apply in DT lessons and that will equip them for adulthood. The skills and knowledge taught each year will be built upon to ensure it is progressive. Pupils will have opportunities to be creative, innovative and imaginative. 


The outcomes in DT will be presented in individual sketch books, which will demonstrate our broad and balanced curriculum, that offers pupils a variety of creative opportunities, investigating significant inventors/designers/architects. The final outcome will demonstrate the children’s understanding of the design process (research, design, make, evaluate and improve). 



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Please see our DT curriculum video below.

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