Curriculum Statement

Our school offers a broad and balanced curriculum which:

promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and of society, and
prepares pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.

Early Years Curriculum (Pre School and Reception)

Follow the links here for the Pre School Curriculum and EYFS Policy.

The curriculum is delivered using a play-based approach as outlined by the EYFS. Children are provided with a range of rich, meaningful first-hand experiences in which they explore, think creatively and are active. We aim to develop and foster positive attitudes towards learning, confidence, communication and physical development. As a team, we use observations and assessments to offer learning experiences in all seven areas of the EYFS curriculum. We identify current interests to create an overall theme which makes the learning meaningful and purposeful.
The seven areas of learning are split between prime and specific areas of learning, as follows:

The prime areas of learning are:

communication and language
physical development
personal, social and emotional
The specific areas of learning are:

understanding the world
expressive arts and design

Reading and Phonics (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2)

In Reception and KS1, Phonics and Reading are taught daily. In Phonics we follow the Read, Write Inc. programme which can be found by clicking the link. 

Curriculum (Years 1 to 6)

For further information on the statutory requirements of the school’s curriculum please use the link below:

The curriculum at Havannah Primary School encompasses all core and foundation subjects enabling us to provide a high standard of teaching and learning. This includes specialist teaching in PE and Music, as well as a range of day trips, residential visits and enrichment experiences at school such as visits from artists and authors to ensure breadth and balance.

We aim to provide a life-long love of learning, through adopting a cross curricular approach which is often ‘text’ driven closely linked to Literacy units of work covered in each year group. The school curriculum includes the new national primary curriculum, which sets out in programmes of study, on the basis of key stages, subject content for those subjects that should be taught to all pupils. Curriculum objectives underpin our planning and focus on skill development to ensure progression and depth of learning. 

We deliver this by:

Equipping children with skills for life; teaching discrete English, Maths and Computing and applying these skills throughout the curriculum
Making learning more meaningful by putting it into context and through high quality texts
Linking our learning with healthy schools, Go Givers and KiVa
Involving parents/carers in their child’s learning
Listening to pupil voice and involving pupils in planning and decision making
Developing a sense of community and belonging
Bringing learning to life through theme days, whole school exhibitions, visits and visitors.

We have also identified 6 key drivers which give the curriculum at Havannah shape and meaning to all pupils. These are Helping Others, Effort, Resilience, Exploring Challenge, Staying on Task and being Open to Failure. This underpins our school Growth Mindset approach to our learning across the curriculum.

The Leadership team monitor the progression, continuity and effectiveness of the creative curriculum together with the governing body on a regular basis.

Further details on the content of the full curriculum and every topic covered by each year group can be found on our Topic Map pages by clicking here.

Our Year Group Objectives for Maths, Reading and Writing can be found by clicking here.

Our Teaching and Learning Policies and Subject Policies can be found by clicking here.



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