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Our Current topic is the environment, weather and travel . We are working really hard investigating the changes in the environment and exploring those changes within our continuous provision. Ongoing skills such as; number recognition, counting, fine and gross motor skills, and speaking and listening feature regularly within our provsion and our direct work. All of our provison an taught sessions are embedded through a selection of beautiful books which have been carefully chosen to inspire children and encourage curiosity.



As part of our bespoke curriculum, we explore the childrens interests and passions in order to promote intrigue, exploration a creativity. Recently, the children took part in a 'Super Hero Training day' where they took part in lots of physical activities to develop their core strength, coordination and proprioception.

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Quality books are at the centre of our Pre-school day and children have plenty of opportunity to enjoy stories with friends and adults in the setting. Our 'Fridge lending Library' has provided all of our children with access to some wonderful books that they can take home and share with their familiy.



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