Our adventures so far.....

Our recent topic has been 'The Gingerbread Man'. During this topic we have looked at different versions of the book and compared them. We also completed some STEM challenges: building a bridge for the Gingerbread man to go over the river and creating boats to float across the river.


The Gingerbread Man (Picture Books)  

Throughout the topic we learnt lots of new words such as; float, sink, measure, predict and test. The children explored all areas of the curriculum through this book with an empahsis on oracy and reasoning.

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We even had to solve a mystery in Pre-school; somebody had visited Pre-school and made an awful mess. We had to look for clues to solve the mystery of the messy pre-school. The children thought carefully about the clues and predicted who had made the mess.                                   

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                                                        Luckily the security camera captured some video of the culprit!!



Another recent topic; The Billy Goats Gruff, also provided lots of opportunities for discussion, investigation and challenge. As part of this topic we learnt about beam bridges. We have worked on how bridges are made stronger by improving the number of piles supporting the bridge and the material that is used as the deck. As part of these investigations we have tested different decks and piles to see how we can build the strongest bridges for the goats.

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As part of our bespoke curriculum, we explore the childrens interests and passions in order to promote intrigue, exploration a creativity.         

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Quality books are at the centre of our Pre-school day and children have plenty of opportunity to enjoy stories with friends and adults in the setting. Our 'Fridge lending Library' has provided all of our children with access to some wonderful books that they can take home and share with their familiy.



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