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Science Week - March 2018

On the week of 12th March 2018 we held a Science Week in school. Monday morning began with a science assembly in which the teachers demonstrated various science experiments. Have a look at our photos below.
How to pierce a bag of water without any leakage - almost!
Can you fit a boiled egg in a small bottle. Yes, we did it!
How to inflate a balloon using a chemical reaction. It was a fiddly one!
We daren't let go!
Fitness test - how quick does your pulse return to normal after exercise?
He had a little shower!
Working up a sweat!
It took the whole assembly but the coloured liquids in our 2 outside pots transferred and mixed in the middle pot - by soaking along the tissue.
Throughout the week, there were many science-based lessons taking place and the week culminated with a full day of Science on Friday, as follows:
Reception class looked at plants, naming and labelling parts, planting beans and began keeping a bean diary.

Year 1 wrote about seasonal changes, designed a rain gauge, kept a weather diary, looked at the life cycle of a hen and carried out various science experiments including the shaving foam rain cloud experiment and investigated which product was most effective in cleaning pennies from vinegar and salt, washing up liquid, baby wipes and cola. 

Year 2 built their own rockets with wings of varying sizes and carried out an experiment to see which travelled the furthest.

Year 3 made stone age round houses from clay, studied the properties of clay, looked at the properties of rock and grouping rocks, and looked at fossils and how they are formed.

Year 4 carried out experiments to investigate the best foundations for building a Saxon home. They used chalk loam, chalk sand, clay loam, clay soil and sandy soil to find out which one held/let through the most water.
Year 5 were away at Conway on their residential.
Year 6 wrote their own science playscripts including famous scientists, made their own puppet show characters and carried out a number of experiments using household products to investigate chemical reactions.