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Outdoor Classroom Day - May 2018

On Thursday 17th May 2018, we had a whole school outdoor classroom day at Havannah. It was sunny and warm too which was a bonus!  

The Pre School children followed a treasure map to find a planting activity. They decorated their pots with paint, filled them with compost and planted their seeds.

Reception class started the day with a story, The Scarecrows, and then made two of their own scarecrows to sit in their veg patch. They have named them Tim and Shane (after our 2 caretakers!). After listening to the story of The Enormous Turnip the children weeded their patch and then planted potatoes.

Year 1 had fun outdoors making their own mud pies and potions. 

Year 2 had a mini beast hunt using magnifying glasses and pooters and then made pictures of minibeasts using things found outdoors such as leaves, twigs etc. They then hunted for lots of sticks to use to make a life size picture of one of their group.

Year 3 made a map of the school grounds adding all the important places an animal might find interesting. They then made picture frames using sticks and lash knots to frame a picture of their chosen animal made from leaves, twigs etc. During the afternoon they weeded their veg patch and planted lettuce and radishes.

Year 4 made journey sticks and weeded and planted up their patch with spring onions.

Year 5 started the day with Multiflex doing PE on the field. During the afternoon they weeded their veg patch, planted peas and placed canes ready for them to grow up. They then researched the best location to locate a hedgehog house and a frog biome in the school grounds.
Year 6 reached the end of their SATs tests and then let off steam outdoors to clear their heads. They then let loose on their veg patch, digging and weeding the area to make way for planting beans. They places canes in the ground in readiness for the beans to grow up.