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Learning Celebrations - June 2020

This week, we welcomed back lots of our Year 1s who are now in school along with pre school, Reception and key worker children. Our photos this week are a mixture of home schooling and activities in school. Take a look below.

Pre School - to follow
Last week we welcomed some of our Reception pupils back to school. All of the Reception pupils have been working extremely hard both in school and at home. The children have been practising their set 2 sounds, applying them to their reading and writing. They have been learning tricky new red words and playing fun sound games. In Maths they have been learning about position and have used positional language to describe the position of themselves and objects. They have been doing a variety of topic activities including: testing objects to find out whether they float or sink, making boats and racing them and designing boats using a computer/tablet.


Year 1 have been busy at home and at school. It was Busy Bees week last week and the children found out lots of information about different bees and honey. In Maths they had lots of fun with capacity. On Monday we welcomed back some Year 1s who have been amazing! We are very proud of you all!

The Year 2 class have been busy learning how to tell the time and they created their own clocks to help them. In literacy they have been working on improving their sentences and have started to write some super character descriptions. They have also been very busy walking, painting, cleaning, cooking, reading and having lots of fun at home. Another fantastic week of home learning, well done year 2!

Year 3 have been busy working hard; baking, painting, experimenting, celebrating, learning and being creative. Thanks again to Year 3 for all their lovely photos. 

This week the Year 4s have been writing character descriptions of their own Victorian, looking at symmetry in Maths and baking recipes from the Victorian era. Look at their delicious treats!

The Year 5s have been learning, baking and enjoying some leisure time. Look at William's wonderful cake! Yum!

The Year 6 children have been creating art using items that they have found outside. What lovely displays! They have also continued to write their adventure story.