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Learning Celebrations 2 - July 2020

This week we welcomed back many of our Year 6s to school. Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 have been sharing photos from the fun they've been having in their bubbles, alongside lots of photos of your wonderful home schooling.    

The Pre School have been enjoying Dinosaurs Love Underpants and mark making their own designs.

The Reception children have been working very hard both at home and in school this week. 
The children have been practising their set 2 sounds, applying them to their reading and writing. They have been learning tricky red words and playing fun sound games. In Maths they have been learning how to tell the time and order the days of the week. We have looked at different ways to measure periods of time and have used everyday language relating to time. They have been doing a variety of Topic activities including: learning about the Summer season, sunshine crafts and making yummy ice lollies to keep them cool on a hot sunny day. We have been very excited to welcome more Reception children into our 'bubbles' and see our friends in school each day.

Year 1 have been very busy at home. They have been getting even better at adding and subtracting, learning about spiders the story of The Friendly Spider and learning even more Set 3 sounds. In school, both the pink and orange bubbles have been doing a variety of activities. Take a look at their fun.

The Year 2 class have been busy, at home, writing character descriptions about the Mad Hatter, they wrote some super detailed sentences and included a variety of exciting sentence openers. In maths they have continued to work on telling the time and have started to tell the time in five minute intervals, past and to the hour. Well done Year 2, I have been very impressed with all of your hard work.


The Year 3s have been learning both inside and outside of the home this week, including visiting the zoo, the beach and a fruit farm. They have looked at 2d and 3d shapes, famous landmarks and enjoyed some baking too! Great photos Year 3!

This week Year 4 have been creating Victorian comic strips, learning about positions on a grid and creating posters about bike safety.


The Year 5s continue to learn at home. This week's photos show Will's gardening talent, growing flowers and vegetables. JJ has been trying the STEM egg challenge proving that you can throw an egg between 2 metres and 6 metres without it breaking - providing you package it well! Great experiment.

Most of the Year 6 children returned to school this week and have been doing Maths, researching Mayan Rainforest animals, competing in quizzes, talking about transition, doing art, as well as having plenty of leisure time to socialise and run off steam on the field. Welcome back Year 6!