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Home Schooling Celebrations: Part 6 - June 2020

Again, the children of Havannah have been sharing their home schooling photos with us and we are amazed by their continued efforts. Take a look...

In Pre School the children have been looking at the book Paper Dolls and have also created 'take aim' boards to help with number and sound recognition. Have a look at their work.

The Reception children have been working very hard at home this week. The children have been practising their set 2 sounds, applying them to their reading and writing. They have been learning tricky new red words and playing fun sound games. In Maths they have been learning about 2D shapes and have really enjoyed this maths focus. They have been doing a variety of Topic activities including: learning about the Life Cycle of a Sunflower, painting a Sunflower in the style of Vincent Van Gogh and learning how to grow plants. They’ve also been enjoying spending time outdoors and have been making the most of the sunshine we had at the start of the week. 

The Year 1s have been busy measuring, learning about and garden birds and working hard to learn those Set 3 sounds.

Year 2 have created some incredible outdoor artwork this week, using natural materials to make a frame and create their image. In maths they started to learn about measuring lengths in centimetres and metres and sourced a variety of objects from around their homes to measure. Then they moved onto measuring themselves, their height, arm length and their hand span etc. In literacy they wrote poems about animals, they had lots of great ideas and learnt how to use alliteration. Their final pieces were incredible and many of the children enjoyed reading them aloud. Take a look at their photographs! 

The Year 3s have sent us an abundance of photos of their work and leisure activities including baking, painting, making candles, creating with lego and enjoying the great outdoors! Well done Year 3! 

The Year 4s have been finding out about famous Victorians as well as interpreting graphs. They have created a timeline about the history of football and looked at other Victorian games. 

The Year 5s have been asked to study ordnance survey maps this week, in particular looking at map symbols. In Maths they have been looking at translation, reflection and co-ordinates.

Year 6 are writing an adventure story with four chapters. As their inspiration day, the children learnt how to build dens, do first aid and create their own resources. Take a look at Year 6 working, playing and getting ready for high school!