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Home Schooling Celebrations: Part 5 - June 2020

The children of Havannah have continued to share their super home learning with us...

The Pre School children have been busy painting in the garden. Have a look at their hard work.

The Reception children have been working incredibly hard at home. They have been practising their set 1 and set 2 sounds, applying them in their reading and writing. In Maths they have been subtracting using concrete objects and number lines to support them. They have been doing a variety of topic activities including: learning about the life cycle of a plant and tree, making a blossom tree and designing a flower. Take a look at their photos.

The Year 1s have been busy growing sunflowers and writing about them. Take a look.

Take a look at the pictures of the Year 2 class working hard and enjoying their learning at home. In literacy they have written their own fabulous poems about the sun and have practised reading them aloud. In maths they have continued to work hard on fractions, creating fraction flowers to consolidate their learning. They have also been very busy going on outdoor walks, completing gymnastic classes, having a go at exciting science experiments and watching caterpillars grow into butterflies, feeding them and setting them free into the countryside. Well done Year 2, another successful and exciting week!

The Year 3s have been working hard and showing their creativity through history, story writing and amazing outdoor learning. Have a look at their photos.

The Year 4s have been writing diaries of a Victorian child, looking at time in Maths and creating STEM projects based on the invention of steam and steel. 

The Year 5s have been busy completing their maths and literacy work as well as gardening, making bird boxes and painting pebbles. Take a look at their work.

The year 6 children have continued to bake and cook delicious meals for our class recipe book. Take a look.