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Home Schooling Celebrations: Part 4 - May 2020

You have shared with us more of your home learning this week. Take at look at what the children have been doing across the school...

The Pre School children have been working on gross movements using shoulder and elbow pivots.

We are very proud of the Reception children, they have been working extremely hard at home. 
The children have been practising their set 1 & 2 sounds, applying them to their reading and writing. In Maths they have been learning to measure and compare objects based on their height or length. They have been doing a variety of Topic activities including: learning about the Life Cycle of a Frog, making a model Frog and designing their own Frog. Some of the Reception pupils are watching the Frog Life cycle take place in their own homes. They have got tadpoles that they are looking after and they are watching them grow. We are very excited to receive more updates!

Year 1 have been having lots of fun learning about frogs and sunflowers. They are keeping sunflower diaries and have been finding out about what plants need to grow. They have also been learning the days of the week and months of the year. Take a look at their froggy fun and creativity. 

Year 2 have been very busy bees at home again this week and I have been extremely impressed with their hard work and creativity. They designed their very own minibeast by cutting and sticking different parts of existing minibeasts and collaging them together. In maths they tackled non-unit fractions and had to compete against a member of their family, when playing a fractions game. In literacy they chose their own minibeast to write a non-chronological report about. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the reports and I learnt lots of new, interesting facts! Thank you Year 2 for all of your super sentences and fact finding skills. 

In Year 3, the young Romans have been working as hard as ever.

The Year 4s have been busy this week too. Take a look at their pictures.

In Year 5 they have been looking at reflections and co-ordinates in Maths, completing reading comprehensions on Stormzy, VE Day and Wimbledon and they have continued to study UK cities, rivers and mountains.

Year 6 were set the task of baking and cooking this week. They had to write a recipe to go with their creations. We are hoping to collect the recipes to make a recipe book for others to use during lockdown. Isabelle has also been painting pebbles to hide, during her daily walks, for other children to find.