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Home Schooling Celebrations: Part 3 - May 2020

Well done to the children of Havannah! Another week has passed and they are still sharing with us their super home schooling...

The Pre School children have been busy having ice races and making garden potions this week. Here are their lovely pictures. 

The Reception children have continued to work hard at home this week. They have been practising their set 1 & 2 sounds, applying them to their reading and writing. In Maths they have been learning about weight, comparing objects to determine which is the heaviest and the lightest. Before weighing objects, the children have also been making and recording their own predictions. They have been doing a variety of Topic activities including: hand/finger painting a Caterpillar and Butterfly, a Butterfly science experiment and The Hungry Caterpillar Yoga. Over the bank holiday weekend they have enjoyed celebrating VE Day, making their own decorations and even their very own Spitfire!

Year 1 have been very busy making arrays and finding equal groups. They have also gone froggy mad - learning all about frogs, labelling them, making them and finding out where they come from. They have been writing about them too using the new vocabulary they have learnt. They have been learning the last of the Set 3 sounds and reading them in words and writing them in sentences. What a busy week Year 1!

Last week was an incredible week of home learning in Year 2. In Maths the children continued to work on fractions and found a third of a shape and of an amount. In literacy they researched their own facts and wrote a non-chronological report about a caterpillar. However, the highlight of the week was their wonderful bug hotels. Take a look at the photographs, I'm sure you'll agree their designs are 'un bee-lievable'!

Another busy week of home learning in Year 3. Once again I have been so impressed with the brilliant effort and the fantastic creativity - the bug house looks amazing! Keep those pictures coming!

Year 4 have been looking into toothpaste, decimals in money, continuing to write biographies with the focus on Queen Victoria this week, and celebrating VE day.

This week in Maths, Year 5 have been using all four operations to solve problems involving measure, they have been adding and subtracting numbers with 3 and 4 decimal places, including using formal written methods - columnar addition and subtraction. In Literacy, the children wrote about their own personal experiences of the NHS, as well as working on ordering 'powerful adjectives' describing emotions and feelings. This activity helped the children understand the subtle differences between adjective synonyms so that they can use them accurately in their own writing.

Year 6 have been given an important task this week from their new schools. They have had to write a letter to their new Head teacher to introduce themselves. However, they have still had time to celebrate VE day and Isabelle has been doing some gardening too.