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Home Schooling Celebrations: Part 1 - April 2020

During lockdown, the children of Havannah have been doing some amazing things...

Preschool are taking part in cross curricular daily challenges set by Mrs T to work on with their families. These challenges provide opportunities for the children to work on the broad early years curriculum at home, and are proving very popular. They have been making their own toilet roll monsters and what a fabulous job they have done! Have a look at the photos they have sent in.

The Reception children have been working incredibly hard. Take a look below!

The Year 1s have practised counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, made long wiggly worms and filled out missing numbers. In RWI, they have been busy learning and practising Set 3 sounds and using these sounds to write sentences. In Topic, they are learning about Spring and the changes in the weather (where has the sun gone?!). They have also been super artists creating their own garden landscape drawings.


In Year 2, it has been lovely to see lots of pictures and videos of the children enjoying their home learning this week. In maths they continued to work on fractions, creating lots of fantastic posters all about how to find a quarter of an item or a shape. They then used the bar model to find a quarter of an amount. I love how inventive the children have been with this task, using household items and even going into the garden to solve some of the problems. In literacy the children have been learning all about spiders, they have written a non-chronological report containing lots of facts which they made into super sentences. The children have also completed two art tasks. The first task was on Purple Mash and the children had to design their very own spider and give it a name. The second task required the children to follow a step by step video and carefully draw a spider,using a pencil and a black pen. I have been absolutely blown away by the children's skillful and precise drawings. 
It has been another great week of home learning in Year 2 and I have loved receiving lots of pictures of the children's work, which they have clearly been working very hard on at home. Take a look.  

The Year 3 children have been looking at Fractions, the Roman Empire and the story of Romulus and Remus. They are keeping very busy and have been sending in some fantastic photos to share.

The Year 4s are writing biographies about Alexander Graham Bell, ordering and comparing decimals, as well as researching Queen Victoria. We are also making a collage of illustrations to send to author and illustrator Steve Lenton.

The Year 5s are continuing their work on decimal addition and subtraction. In Topic, they are studying the UK and have been finding out about Edinburgh and Cardiff. Some of the children have been sharing their work with us including showing off their creative side. Look at our photos of beautiful artwork, baking, a lit fairy garden and even some drumming!  

The Year 6s have sent in some photos of them working hard and playing hard - thanks Dylan, Isabelle and Alex! They have got the balance right. Isabelle has been doing Joe Wicks workouts alongside her work and Alex has built a solar-powered car.