Mrs Hamilton/Mrs Hinds - Year 6
Teacher: Mrs Hamilton/Mrs Hinds - Year 6

Year 6 - Mrs Hamilton/Mrs Hinds

Welcome to Year 6!

with Mrs Hinds too!

Year 6 is an extremely important year. We will work hard and play hard to make the final year in primary school as memorable as possible. We are a fun-loving class of children and have begun the new school year with great determination.

In year 6 you'll find Mrs Hamilton and Mrs Hinds but, most importantly, you'll find a class of kind and hard working children who are always willing to learn. 

We are really looking forward to exploring new books this year.

My favourite quote is: ‘The more you read the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.’- Dr Seuss. 

Our two key words this year are 'Respect' and 'Resilience'. Demonstrating these qualities will help us to be successful in all aspects of our school life.

We have already been allocated many responsibilities and roles around school, including Reception Buddies, Eco-council Members, School Council Members and many more. 

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