Mr Mollard - Year 3
Teacher: Mr Mollard - Year 3

Year 3 - Mr Mollard

Welcome to Year 3

Year 3 is a fantastic year to be in, children will develop a greater depth of intrinsic learning and self fulfillment. Throughout the course of this year children will have access to a full range of activities to push their independence. 

The children are encouraged to be resilient and focused learners, taking the time to reflect on their work. They will have the opportunity to embrace diversity and adapting to change. Children will continue to evolve and expand their vocabulary and communication skills. They will have many exciting projects planned this term and throughout the year that I know the children will be immersed in and enjoy discovering many new things along the way. I have no doubt that year 3 children will embrace the challenges of key stage 2 and and show fantastic progress in all areas of the curriculum under the guidance and the fantastic opportunities that will will provide them with. 

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