Miss Kitson - Year 3
Teacher: Miss Kitson - Year 3

Year 3 - Miss Kitson

Year 3 - Miss Kitson

Welcome to Year 3!

In Year 3 you will find me, Miss Kitson and Mrs Dale and we cannot wait to start our learning journey together with you in September. Year 3 is a fantastic year to be in as children access a range of activities to help build their independence and confidence. We have a lovely spacious classroom allowing lots of room for desks as well as room for a carpet area where we will enjoy listening to and reading lots of exciting stories. The children will be encouraged to be resilient and focused learners, taking the time to reflect on their work. They will have the opportunity to embrace diversity and adapt to change and there will be lots of time to reflect on the previous year's challenges. Year 3 has a very exciting curriculum with lots of opportunities for Art, D&T, Music and much more. I am really looking forward to teaching the class and I have no doubt that the children will embrace the challenges of Key Stage 2. I am sure that the children will make lots of progress in all areas of the curriculum under the guidance and fantastic opportunities that we will provide them with. 

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