Mrs Fearn - Year 1
Teacher: Mrs Fearn - Year 1

Year 1 - Mrs Fearn

Welcome to Year 1!

Year 1 is an exciting time as the children start to establish themselves at the school.

In year 1 you will find me, Mrs Fearn, along with Mrs Lynch, and we are both really looking forward to working with the wonderful children we have in the school. 

We have lots of lovely resources in our classroom and the outdoor area so we are always busy playing and learning together.

Our learning environments

Our classroom is always full of stimulating items which help to create a positive learning environment. The class is divided into areas which promote and encourage the children to learn and develop different skills.

Outside the learning environment is divided into similar areas, however the experiences the children can gain differ to those on the inside, which help to encourage the development of different skills. 

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